Annakiki Spring/Summer 2018

The fashion world is not that easy, especially during the fashion week period. In this period, everybody working to make the fashion show to be the best. No wonder people become super stressed, sensitive sometimes even a bitter, I would say.
In fact, our experience before the Annakiki fashion show was not at all friendly and pleasant… But I think everything is justifiable up to especially at this particular point. Right?

So now about the Annakiki Spring-Summer ready to wear collection. Personally, I love it!
The principal theme of the collection is technology, or better to say, the smartphones. Nowadays we do not leave home without the phone, and the selfies have become a synonym of portrait (I leave you to decide whether it is right or not), and for this reason, the smartphone becomes an essential accessory for the whole Annakiki SS collection.
Ps. all guests as the gift received an iPhone cover.

Large volumes and asymmetric cuts and the various lengths (mini, up to the knees and ankle) lead us to think of the 80s and 90s. I love how Annakiki sees the hot season and what she proposes to us. Silk, denim, sequins and many bright and vibrant colors. The warm Annakiki’s season cannot be imagined without the caps, sneakers, backpacks, little bags and of course, must have – shoulder bags.

This collection definitely for you if you love being unique and remarkable. For you, if you are ready to be in the center of attention.



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