be brilliant with the Swarovski Collection

The Milan fashion week passed a few weeks ago but to me seems like it was far away.

When I’m in that fashions chaos, sometimes I feel tired and want everything to finish as fast as possible… but when I come back home I cry because it’s over! And then I realize that I can do so much more!!
The fashion week with my super Jolie is one of the most beautiful, exciting and of course inspiring experience the fashion world can offer! It is also stressful because we have run almost all the time. We want to see more things possible (presentation, runways, and meetings around all the city), we do this for us and of course for you, dear friend!

As you well know, during the fashion week all the fashionistas give the best of themselves, we too! 🙂

And if you think that a cute dress or a pair of brilliant shoes is enough, unfortunately, I contradict that and confirm that this combination doesn’t work on every occasion!

Sometimes all you need is the fabulous earrings and a magnificent necklace! Knowing this golden rule, I chose to put these beautiful pieces of Swarovski’s collection! They say #bebrilliant, thanks to PRfact agency I felt so elegant and pretty!



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