Cozy Sunday in Forte_Forte from AvartShop

Sunday, the day you do not have to go around like a crazy, and just relax! Dedicate quality time to your family, dearest friends or just be with yourself! On Sundays, you can do nothing feeling bad or thinking it’s a waste of time! I could be even better if you spend Sunday watching good movies or sitting in front of the fireplace with a book in your hand; you could let it to yourself! Don’t you? Sundays are one of the best and the laziest days of the week! And we love Sundays!

Let’s talk about the Sunday outfit; it must be comfortable, cozy, soft and stylish of course! Although I stay at home doing nothing, I always try to be “good looking” anyway, I can not know when the door rings, and in front of us, I would find a friend with the freshly baked cake. Or that new super sexy neighbor who need to borrow some sugar.

Yes yes, we also have these days “pajamas all day” ( Jolie‘s favorites) but about it, next time! Ps. we are searching for a good quality and cozy pajamas for the cold season, drop a line if you know a brand worth looking in πŸ˜‰

My favorite Sunday outfit, for now, is this from Forte_Forte! Two pieces look from fall/winter 2017 collection. The trousers and the top are made of crumpled velvet. The presence of silk makes it soft, delicate on your skin and cozy; almost hard to take off! The most beautiful thing that these pieces you could comfortably wear separate.
Jolie is crazy in love this Italian brand, so much that her passion has also passed to me. Giada Forte creates something unique that always attracts us. The clothes are stylish and comfortable, made from good quality Italian fabrics, accurate with hand-made details.

If you live in Ticino or passing by Lugano, you should definitely pay a visit to the Avart Shop for looks like mine or something even more interesting. You could shop online as well, but we prefer to visit this concept store.
We feel very grateful that Avart Shop brings unique, ready to wear clothes, accessories, bags, and shoes. We also appreciate that Avart Shop focuses on quality, on values ​​and personality.

And thanks to Avart Shop, our Sundays are much more comfortable, cozy and stylish.

Have a nice Sunday!



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