Dream work and Carmen Basilique

Every work has its pro and contra. If you believe that everything will be just positive, you might be quite wrong. The one who sees everything only negative is mistaken as well. It all depends on your point of view on the object you are looking at.

I am an endlessly grateful to Jolie for the possibility to work in the fashion industry, travel, expand my view, and see designer clothes before they hit shops. Working with a fashion photographer is always challenging, and every time different. Sometimes funny and easygoing, sometimes instead challenging and only back at home, when you are comfy on the sofa, realize that it was worth it! The greatest benefit to me is that I can know so many new people. It’s impressive how many talented people there are! With some of them, we just work, have fun and then say Goodbye at the end of the day. With other instead, comes an adorable friendship. That’s exactly what happened to Carmen Basilique.

Jolie and the Photographerinstyle team worked at the lookbook SS17 for the marvelous Carmen’s brand. And we are so proud that she has chosen us to create images for her creations.
Carmen is overwhelmed, demanding and confident in doing what she is doing! All her works are authentic and hand-made. Comfortable, elegant and modern.
So, as soon as I saw this blue dress on the model, I already knew that I needed it. And I was right choosing it because it is perfect and comfortable. I was going to Paris, feeling beautiful and comfortable. Fresh even it was so so hot.

Carmen, thank you for your friendship! We can not wait to see a new collection and work again with you again.
Will be fun! ( don’t miss it on mine and Jolie’s Instagram)



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