floral dress is my new favorite trend

floral dress.

Everything around changes. As do I…

the best is that my style that shifted few times a year, now definitely more stable. Often, I notice that I don’t need any longer strolling through stores looking for something beautiful or wondering: maybe this could fit? I begin to understand my body lines and what I want. How do I want to look and how dressed do I feel most comfortable.

I know that I love wearing dresses or skirts.I know which dresses look most amazingly on me. I know how should be the length of the skirt, and which one is better to avoid.Naturally, as women, I, have many questions still to answer and sometimes hesitate about one or another thing.

And there it comes trends and that moment’s fashion. I call it “Indres wave” when suddenly all my dresses look kinda the same. Like right now I am in “floral short dresses ” wave. Madly in love with them! (you should check my Pinterest boards now).

Here is my favorite look of myself just from another day in Milano.

here you can shop the best of the best!Have fun because I am




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