for a moment I felt like a real princess

How many times were you called the little princess when you were a little girl? Probably many because every girl was the princess of mom, dad or grandparents.

And you know what? It still happens to me to be called the princess! Even today! Friends who say “hey” in WhatsApp and instead of my name put emoji of that little girl with the crown. Really?

Once I was home alone, I was looking at myself and thinking. Why? I don’t go around dressed in those horrible clothes, and I apologize to all those who adore them, but I think they are without style, in my opinion! Also, my apartment, although it’s very marvelous, is not a castle! In short, the is no reason to call me The Princess!

And then something happened…

Jolie met the amazing and talented designer Giancarlo from Amorphose! They worked together on a unique project some time ago. They created incredible photos using only zip creations from Giancarlo new collection. The pictures were published in an exhibition at Riri, but some of them You can find in Jolie‘s or Amorphose‘s Instagram. I’m proud so to be the part of this team and our work! Bravi!
And thanks to this project an excellent friendship was born!

Guess who did this gorgeous dress? Yes, you are right!! Amorphose! We were creating the new editorial story for Solstice magazine and … I then hade THAT moment! Maybe it was the dress (most probably), perhaps the lovely location (hotel Pestalozzi) but for a moment I felt like a real princess!



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