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I am sure you have heard about Rebecca Bloomwood Or Becky for friends. Yes, she is that shopaholic forms the movie I love shopping. The girl who was writing columns for the magazine and had the really strange hobby – always shopping.
Sometimes I think we have something in common.
I sincerely admit I love shopping! And it’s not just because I love fashion and I am always in new trends.Not because I am always looking for something new to make old dresses look fresh again.
It’s because I love the mood during the shopping time with my girls
My favorite shopping buddy is Jolie of course; together we have so much fun going from one shop to other, trying different looks and always finding something special.. to buy ( blush from guilt). And when we are tired from working to stop for the nice caffe latte in our favorite spots ( Jolie will write the review soon about this) it just so beautiful and relaxing. I appreciate this time because of it’s just fun; you don’t need to think about stuff to do at work, or whatever was bothering you before. I agree with those ladies who are saying that shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.
Don’t get me wrong I have some beautiful thing do to a part shopping as well. But about that – next time 🙂
My last score was chokers from little concept store in my native town Lugano. That shop is just perfect – many times I want to buy everything there! This time I was looking for chokers only. Chokers are now my best friends and my favorite accessories to wear! I still remember I used them a lot when I was the teenager. So happy it has come back trough all the fashionistas and not only. I have many simple ones, and this time I was lucky to find something special! Don’t you think those statement chokers are gorgeous?



choker-6choker-13 Shop list 



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