Jeans are always on Top

Jeans, denim – who is in love with them as we are? Who could remain indifferent to it?

Jeans, one of the most compact, versatile and easily compatible clothing in our wardrobe. Speaking of the fashion – they are always on top. Going through time, they change the shape, color, style but always remains super trendy.
In jeans, depending on accessories and situation, you could look very fancy if you want, or just casual. That’s because, while traveling, in my bags jeans are the first to go in.

I Brought them to Paris as well. These jeans I bought a few years ago and wore them a lot. Every time I wear them I don’t leave people indifferent when seeing me. Some compliments and asked, “Where” did I bought them, others mockingly offering money and buy new ones … Such cases raise my mood and my wish to wear them again and again. This Denim look was very spontaneous but very close to my personally, and I find it super cool.

My look, which chose the first day of meeting with the city of love. Denim look which is simple but tasteful because sometimes you really need little to be stylish.

ps. its so nice to overview those photo because I am missing Paris so much

shop some of my favorites here:



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