Le Mini Macaron Paris – beauty treats

Sunday. Sundays are for beauty treats! Especially then outside is raining, and the mood is quite as gray as the sky.
I can hear my little boy in the bathroom playing with bubbles. Other two are busy reading some serious technical stuff I even do not pretend I am interested in, and me… I just put one of my favorite French music and opted to color my day with some “cherry red” of Le Mini Macaron nail polish. But really how cute the package is!! Almost like a real Macaroon! It took me a couple of minutes of playing with this sweet macaron form to make my nails look as fabulous as I would spend an hour at manicurist place! Here instead I read my book, I drink my coffee, and I have perfect nails! The color is intense as I love and now I am curious for how long it will last.
I will let you know




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