Luisa Beccaria Spring/Summer 2018

Luisa Beccaria and her Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

We are in a charming villa in Milan. The sun sparkles despite the fact that it’s already the end of September. So many people with a remarkable style, so refined and elegant. Women with high heels walking like gazelles, straight and graceful. Everyone who looks each other and smiles, lots of chatter and laugh. Subsequently, there is a romantic music that brings you to more profound dreams. Could you imagine?

And then… People begin to take their places to sit, the volume of music lowers a bit, and at some point, the courtyard of the beautiful Villa Reale fills up with incredible designs of Luisa Beccaria.
The collection was full of soft, pretty and lighthearted female and summer clothes for a girl who is the real daydreamer!
In fact, the woman in this “Like a flower: the wild dreamer” Collection is compassionate, sensitive, gentle… An eccentric and sensual. A woman who loves nature, who loves to be free and is extremely feminine. In short, the wild dreamer!

The palette, how good is it, is full of natural, calm, and gorgeous colors: white, pink, red, blue and yellow… Shades and pastels make all collection so lovely and gorgeous.
Butterflies, dragonflies, and delicates flowers end up on materials such as denim, lace embroidery, silk, and cotton. All distances between different worlds ( such as the combination of textiles) become smaller, and let’s say,  more accessible!
The imagination of the fantastic Luisa Beccaria has no limit and goes beyond all our expectations!

It was our the first time at the Luisa Beccaria fashion show, and we are delighted to be part of this beautiful and full of inspiration wild dreamer show.

We are very gratified that the fashion world is full of such intense, incredibly talented, independent women as Luisa Beccaria!



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