My closet looks like a small flower garden

And when you think no one can surprise you, it happens!

On My birthday (it was in June) I got a piggy bank with a postcard with the message that a trip to Paris was expecting me. More exciting than that? It was such a beautiful gift from my beloved family and my dearest friends. I’m so lucky to have them all! I can’t tell you what I was feeling at that precise moment, but I swear I was pleased and happy.

It’s true that when you see the city of love for the first time, you can not do without it for all your life. You always want to come back, and every time you are in Paris, you feel new emotions. It’s never the same!
And this time it was even more special because I went with Jolie, and my mom, and for her, it was the first time in Paris. Some quality time in great company! ps.You can check our little Paris guide here.

You have ever said: “I have nothing to wear?” I think you know what I mean. It’s not about an empty closet. It’s about that I have nothing I like at this time, for this particular occasion or something that inspires me now. And then went shopping. Of course, for shopping every excuse is good! 🙂

As you know, I’m a little crazy about the floral dress. I joke that my closet looks like a small flower garden. So when I saw this dress, I fell in love with it. Long, comfortable and with pockets. How cool is it?
A very romantic look on the streets of Paris!

And how about you? Do you have some obsession? How looks your closet?

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