Pajamas all day. You are still on time

Pajamas all day. You are still on time!

We have a month of fire.Yes, you are right, it’s normal, it’s a Fashion Month!!
New York Fashion Week comes to an end, now it is time to London and then Milan and Paris. The New York Fashion Week was unique, full of super-creative designers like a Zimmermann, Victoria Beckham, Tom Ford, Ulla Johnson, Michael Kors and the others! We have already published some of our favorites runways with choice pieces-check it!
We are happy to go back to Milan and Paris for the fashion weeks and to show you all the beautiful designs for the new Spring/Summer 2018. Stay tuned! And be sure to follow Jolie and me on Instagram for all news directly from the shows and presentations.
But I have always said that real fashion runway is on the street!
So many stylish and fashionable people, so many creative and let me say crazy outfits. Of course, we have already chosen our looks as well and willing to show you all our looks of these two crazy weeks.
One thing is sure! The pajamas style is still on TOP and will remain ( thanks to fashion Gods) for a while!! If you are one of many who loves a particular style or you like to try the latest trends, you must have a “pajamas look” in your wardrobe!
Jolie admires pajamas set and has a couple of them and puts them on a party, fashion show and for something less formal. For example, when she goes out to drink coffee with her friends! Or work!
I instead have chosen this beautiful robe. I love to mix and match different pieces, in this case, white high waisted pants with the short top!
A look for every relaxed occasion!
What do you think about that? Do you like a pajamas style?



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