Pants.. I would not wear them!

How many times have you said “I would not wear this,” “this isn’t right for me” “this is not my style” etc. without even trying that particular look? Many times, right? Don’t worry; I should say you are not alone!

For such long time, I did not see myself wearing any pants. Except for black jeans, of course! I said “NO” before even trying them, or worse I did not even look at them! And don’t ask me why. Some things have no answer.
And now, here I am happy in white high waisted pants!
I started to think that to feel good wearing something, you don’t need to say NO straight away, but You must find the right for you. And how do you find it if not trying? Be curious and try something You think would not wear! Let it surprise you, and You will see how many new outfits you discover.

For this particular discovery, I should say many thanks to Jolie. She was my inspiration! She always looks so good wearing pants and t-shirt. It may seem like a simple match, but believe me, she can transform every look into something super stylish and elegant! And I think that this her Talent made me want to try something new!

Now in my wardrobe, there is the place for pants of any kind.I learned the lesson and did not say “NO” before trying it.
If you do not have anybody to encourage, write to us, we will be happy to help you!



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