Paris is always a good Idea

Paris is always a good idea! I have heard this phrase so many times, and even though I never been there before, I was sure it’s entirely true!

I was dreaming about Paris long time now. The dream was getting bigger every time I was looking at Paris pictures, reading something about it. Of course, the big impact made Jolie with her total love for this light and love city, overtime she was talking about it with such enthusiasm! Another influencer was, of course, Woody Allen with his mesmerizing movie “Midnight in Paris“.. How could you possibly resist those scenes not falling in love? So, I could not resist dreaming about visiting Paris.
And as you know, the dreams com true, here I was packing for that special City. Even though I was quite sure, to go to Paris for the first time with my love “the one and only,” I visit the Paris for the first time because of love. Not that romantic you feel for the Man of your life, but because of love for fashion, for photography, for the project, we do with Jolie, and we firmly believe! I was there for Paris Fashion Week!
That was actually deal! Very intense days filled up with incredible shows, inspiring presentations, photo shoots and meetings with the coolest and nicest people I had know.
And Paris has put its charms on me. Those little coffees on every street, the architecture, With a wonderfully rich culture and history and just people on the streets make me go back as soon as I can.
And for the first look in Paris, I have chosen the most romantic dress I have. Even though the day was cloudy and rainy but you know as they say: dress for the weather you want
so what do you think?



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