pink pantsuit and my most beautiful accessory

I had always admired a woman in a pantsuit! This trend allows a woman to build a bridge between a feminine and a more masculine look. And in so many colors. The classic black, red, orange, blue, white. I love them all, but when I saw the pink one… I fell in love!

Pink is one of my favorites colors! (You could already notice my obsession to pink!)
The passion of red and the purity of white results in a soft and tender tone. Pink can be youthful, exciting and fun, and girlish if I want. I associate with innocence, sweetness, and happiness. I feel a little bit romance in these shadows of roses. This color may look like an adorable and stylish color!

Wearing pantsuit, feel free to accessorize by adding a statement necklace, earrings or perhaps a hat. You can wear it with super heels o with sneakers. It all depends on the comfort and the occasion!

Ps. During the Milan fashion week, I wore my super new pantsuit from Topshop.

Do you have already bought it too? With which accessories have you worn it? let me know! I am curious!



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