POCA & POCA made in Poland

POCA & POCA made in Poland

I’m so happy, crazy and overwhelmed writing this post! What a good feeling to know that so many talented people are around us. Humans who have dreams, that believe in themselves, make their ideas true, believe in what they do and go to the forefront. Such people are the big inspiration to me. Do not stop and go farther, because all the dreams come true if all my heart and soul go for it.

Exactly like these are Karolina and Wiktor, a brother and a sister who, with their beliefs, greatness and great work, managed to create such an excellent, charismatic, modern and living sign brand, POCA & POCA.

Our first meeting with POCA & POCA has been a bit of a chaotic, but very romantic one. We met in one of the most beautiful Parisian hotels, a suite full of fashion people, with lots of champagne and even more din. It has been in the middle of PFW’s evening when we laid our eyes on stylish, distinctive cuts and creative clothes.So, we have stopped for more …

The POCA & POCA woman is young, charming, willing to celebrate, and has a purpose in life. A woman who knows what she wants is demanding, with her own style, but brave enough to experiment. Modern and unique. For her, every detail is important because the particulars of POCA & POCA brand give huge attention to the details. Ruffles, exciting and fresh cuts, unusual material choices, and one of the things that I like most, the “see not see”, makes this brand, made in Poland, what we are looking for – something different.

All POCA & POCA pieces are hand-made by one of the best local dressmakers. Each of them is a unique piece. You can see how much work and love is in every piece. It just has a good and positive energy.

When it comes to my dress from POCA & POCA, and believe I could speak about it endlessly, it’s a delicate one; each piece of this dress is hard-pressed with a laser (could you believe it!); it makes my dress a unique piece of art! And it’s just an honor to have it. Not by chance, I have chosen to put this dress for the first time in Paris, where our friendship was born! It has just been the beginning of Haute Couture Parisian week!



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