Portugal Fashion, Carlos Gil

Portugal Fashion, Carlos Gil
So, time to come back to MFW reviews! And let’s star from my favorite one ( and Jolie is in love too).
The Portuguese fashion designer Carlos Gil presented the Fall/Winter 2017-2018 collection “Magic Tale” during MilanFashionWeek.
I loved every single piece of this Magic Tale collection, and this makes me feel like I would be drowned in the magical world of Gil’s! Every look was deprived of speech, I was in cantatas and was repeating: “wow,” “wow this is amazing,” “wow look at this” “I need this in my life” etc. Even Jolie who is normally calm and neutral lover was impressed!
This most emotional Show, remind me why fashion is my passion. The game with the “straightforward and spontaneous combination, sporting details and composing with luxurious materials” such as velvets, delicate tulles, shiny fabrics and soft cashmere. Layering, light tones, and transparencies, one of the trend of the season to come. And then colors: “from pink powder, water green, twilight blue, orange, black, and coral… ” Huge inspiration!
As the brand says “For this collection, Carlos Gil’s brand offers contemporary and young image.”  I love wide light trousers that are the new old trend again, and the casual dresses in luxury materials become the key pieces of this Carlos Gil winter.
I think collections is for you if you want to be remarkable and a bit mysterious. If you, as I am, In love with dresses but never say no to the good pair of pants!  I felt that this collection was to a woman who still believes in romance.
I am so glad this winter will be light, romantic and colorful!
It will make us want to play with fashion and dream big.

And I should admit that from almost unknown to me Carlos Gil became one of my favorites!

I can’t wait for the next your collection My Dear Carlos Gil



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