Statement T-Shirt -What do they say about you

Or, what does your T-Shirt says about you? Lately, I am too much into reading statements on the T-Shirts.
My love for them had begun a long time before Dior made Ikonic (atleast for me) “we should be all feminist” T-Shirt. Already a couple of years I am very careful about what I put on, and especially what the message says on my shirt! So you would never ever see me with Hello Kitty t-shirts.
One of my favorites now was this super Yellow T-Shirt with written Blonde! Yes, just a reminder in case you forgot. I have wear it in Paris and in Milano.. and many times I dint post on Instagram.
And then come statement T-Shirt for Women March (or for me whole life statement). Of course, I badly wanted Dior, but my budget for T-shirt doesn’t reach 550 euros yet, so I went for Topshop “Feminist.” I believe I say what I think clear and loud with them.
I hope this trend will continue not only on the Women March, tho! It’s too important to stop, and I am so glad what I could express my all beliefs with fashion statements.
Ah, my new entry is this Victoria Beckham T-Shirt “fashion stole my smile”. And yes, I am a happy person but I don’t smile in pictures.
Here are some photos of me! (what a vanity person I am 😀 )
Let me know what are yours statements you want to put on T-shirt?? Which statement T-Shirt are you dreaming about?



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