Summer dress – our mix and match

Many times my friends told me they bought a lot of summer clothes during the hot period or even better on sales, and then they complain and are waiting till next season to wear them. But I feel it’s just so Wrong! Even if the summer is almost over, it does not mean that all summer clothes should stay in the closet and wait for the next hot season! And we will show you that everything is possible. 🙂

We, who live in Ticino, are fortunate with the weather. There is still the sun, and the weather is perfect! Maybe a few degrees less, but we can not complain. 🙂
Anyway, I’m the first waiting for the cold season to come, because colder weather allows me to play with clothes and accessories much more than during the summer. I love to match light summer dresses with boots or big cashmere sweaters. And so let’s begin to enjoy and play with it.
If during summer time I like to be more romantic, in autumn I’m a little bit rockier. Big sweater, boots, hats, tights, leather jackets, etc.
As you know, every season has something in particular and is called “must have.”  Do not buy too much of them (I know it’s hard), but just remember, that these pieces are for this season only! Are you sure you want to spend money on something you will wear only a few times? Let’s be conscious!
We recommend you invest in something more classic, which never goes out, and then just add the details of the moment!

I did my “must have” list and in the first place was red boots.I fell in love with those from Zara, and I had any doubts I will invest in them. These were the right ones!

This editorial we did with Jolie is a proof for you that a summer dress matched with autumn shoes creates a fabulous look for sunny September days. You could add as well a leader jacket on top to complete the look if it’s not so sunny outside. I would definitely do that!

I find those mixes something so unique and particular. Don’t afraid to play and mix the pieces! Remember that Fashion is just a game!



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