Sweet Spring/Summer fashion trend and you need to try it

There are so many stylish reasons to wait for the Spring/Summer season to come.
One of them all: pastel tones.

I assure you that you can not go wrong putting something baby pink and light blue as cotton candy, yellow as lemon sorbet, the green blur like that delicious pistachio ice cream…. and don’t forget the parma violet, which is back on runways for the Spring/Summer season.
Do you already feel the taste of spring? We are totally in.

As you could see on our Instagram, we had a short and intensive trip to Paris for Hauture Week and new Amorphose campaign. Both projects went amazingly well! We shortly will show magnificent and unique Amorphose creations.

Jolie is wearing
the Light blue suit from Alexa Chung
limited edition bag – amorphose
sunglasses – Quay Australia
sock shoes – Mango

Indre is wearing
the baby pink suit from &Other Stories
Shoes vintage Gianni Versace

And we both have a huge addiction to these super fabulous t-shirts “Babe on a Mission” from The Babe Universe



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