The velvet boots on point

indre-velvet boots


I’m nicer when I like my outfit!  (i found this quote on Internet and yes, it’s so me)

They say if the women like herself everybody will like her. That’s so true! It hard to explain but the women feel fantastic: her hair has a good day, and her outfit is just right – magic things happens. Her yeas star to glow and every stranger will smile at her.
What about me, I felt in love with my new favorite look! Sometimes you need so little to make your look rock: jeans, t-shirt, biker jacket and … and those velvet boots!
I have this bit of a problem ( and I know for sure you have it as well ) – I don’t know what to dress! in those moments I always go for jeans and t-shirt! Classic! But at the same time, it gives me the possibility to play with accessories – like this time I opted for night blue velvet boots which a couple of weeks ago I bought at Zara. I saw them and felt in love! I am “overusing” them: with the dress, with skirts, at work, at the date. Everywhere with everything. Literally.
I am sure you hear that velvet is on top this season! I opted for a couple of accessories ( i will show you on posts to come ) boots.
If you were still unsure, you could check my wish list to shopping some velvet boots: simple, or elaborated. I can guarantee you will stay comfortable and fashionable!
let me know if you like my look and show me your velvet boots
ps. always BE YOU :*



indre - velvet boots

indre-velvet boots


indre-velvet boots

indre-velvet boots

inde - velvet boots

my look : jeans , t-shirt , leather jacket , high-heel velvet ankle boots

 check some of my favorites velvet boots



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