Vintage, perfectly imperfect

Sometimes I get dizzy and tired from fast fashion, don’t you?
Sometimes I want something unique, just mine. But please don’t get me wrong, I am buying the fast fashion from the big stores too! And you saw in the previews posts here I am totally addicted to Zara. The main message we want to give together with Jolie, that you can mix new with old, old with new, slow with fast, fast with slow! That’s because I am so much in love with vintage shopping. Every time we are visiting the new city – vintage shops or markets are the musts for Jolie and me.
My favorites are in my hometown in Lithuania! Tere you could find the pieces I was telling you before – only for you, original, clothing with stories. As well that feeling I could give to the dress a second chance it’s so sweet!
It’s how I have discovered the new vintage shop in Lugano. Perfectly “imperfect”! A bit away from the center but really worth to visit! It’s like going back in time. And you can see how much we in love with the shop here and here.
Last time I could not resist to this Valentino Boutique jacket! Boh, who could? All pink and sparkle!!
What about you? Are you the vintage shopper, too?

Ps. don’t you think that Mr. Cookie is the best accessory tho?



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