who made your clothes

Lately, more and more we are talking about recycling and sustainable fashion, and that makes me very glad. Fashion nowadays changes quickly, and you don’t even need more seasons today. And its excellent form one hand because of creative part. On another side, fast fashion is getting way too fast. Don’t get me wrong – I still addicted to good and not such an expensive, trendy piece. And I was not a lover of slow fashion because I never found beautiful and useful pieces. Most of the time the clothes were too “arty,” not stylish, not trendy not even classic (all the things I love about my pieces) or it was way too expensive.
A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to participate in one of the most exciting events – the Fashion Revolution Switzerland. That is a global event, involving 90 countries! Those who wish to get into it and present their brand must meet stringent control requirements. That is how the movement of the slow fashion wants to show respect to nature, its preservation, and most importantly, human rights!
Speaking of the event in Zurich, it was very inspirational and full of new ideas. The designers, who presented their works, ranging from small pieces like bracelets, pendants, finishing with pants, handbags, and dresses, or even tights. An excellent choice for every taste. All offered items handmade, some of the recycled materials, needlework dresses.

It’s how we met Agne the founder of Explore wear the Mindful Fashion store in Switzerland, which presents small designers from the Baltic and Scandinavian countries.

As you know I and Indre, both are from Lithuania, small and amazing Baltic country. So to work with Baltic designers who are incredibly talented, for us always an enormous pleasure!

As, of course, Indre immediately fell in love with the pink dress “Signature Dress By D”.
For me as usual, black and white color look Pearl White Shirt-Dress and Long Denim West.

one question for you? ” who made your clothes?”



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